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 Blind Melon: "Sippin Time Sessions" (2013)???

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MensajeBlind Melon: "Sippin Time Sessions" (2013)???   Dom 3 Mar 2013 - 17:09

No sabia q habia mas materia de blind melon xa editar. Pensaba q con Nico ya no quedaba nada mas (a parte de Candy Says y 3 is a magic number y la version de Led Zeppelin) pero parece q Brad esta trabajando en mas material de blind melon. Esto es lo q dice en su facebook

This is what I am mixing today. Lost 24 track tapes from Blind Melon - "sippin time sessions"! 1st of 5 songs. Soul One. I have not herd this is 20 years! So fun. -brad

Christopher Thorn and I went to Capitol records today to master the "sippin time sesssion" record that we mixed. These are the "found" 24 tracks sessions of Blind Melon's first recording experience produced by David Briggs(Neil Young) . It will be released on vinyl double record which will be the 1st record plus this EP we are mastering today. We are very pumped about it cheers

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Blind Melon: "Sippin Time Sessions" (2013)???

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